Easy, dudes.

So a few lines in english seem necessary because maybe too many people googled the translation to all of our blabbing on this site.

Google doesn’t understand sarcasm. The internet in general requires to be as cheesy as possible so we can all be amazing virtual friends (sorry: « awesome » virtual friends). This is new to us. Or maybe we think it’s boring. But the point is: we loved it. Every second of this tour was at least enlightning, and at the most, fantastic. A lot of it was fantastic. My favourite part was our relationship in the van. The time we spent with Matty, Chris, Hannah, Eric and with eachother. Just relaxing and great. Our american guides were very patient and nice and we were very demanding, I mean we didn’t even know how to buy stamps, they had to teach us everything, but with them we learned a lot. We found out how much we wouldn’t like to live in such a crazy violent and superficial place and we also found out how much we wished a lot of things were easier and more spontaneous in Europe.

To Julie: Don’t be mad. It was amazing to see you at the show in Brooklyn, so it was to see all our good friends there. The show was hectic and intimidating I mean you saw it yourself, everything was falling apart et la dernière chose qu’on avait envie d’entendre c’était des vannes en français. The rest of the evening was just great. Very great.

To the other people who have commented this page feeling sorry that we didn’t like touring there: stop using google, this is not what we said. Really.


2 réponses à “Easy, dudes.

  1. Hey,
    Ghost Mice passe par ici le 31 octobre, et les flyers indiquent aussi NED… j’imagine que c’est une erreur? Vous etes de retour au bercail, non?! C’est con, j’vous aurais bien vu, et on aurait pris soins de vous! 😉

    Un lyonnais

  2. Eh oui c’est un erreur. On est effectivement de retour au bercail. Prochaine fois va. On aimerait bien visiter le Texas dis donc.

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